Kranproffen is a company that conducts both safe crane and lifting operations, in addition to installation of prefab in concrete, steel and glulam, and we´re specialists in precisely this field. 

Kranproffen has over 25 years of experience and we know for sure what it takes to implement the job both safely and efficiently. We dispose a wide range of tower cranes, mobile cranes and also crews in our field.

With us, customers come first, and we unite them with security and loyalty, as well as effort and commitment. We can guarantee solutions that the customer can certainly benefit from, with the desire to become a long-term supplier for them. At Kranproffen we continuously aim for development in terms of lifting technology and how we perform lifting operations. Our employees ensure consistent professional updating to protect our guarantee – which in fact is safety, quality and of course a complete implementation of all our projects.

We supply tower cranes in sizes from 4 to 40 tons to customers in various industries such as construction, oil and gas, green energy and wind power. We have a versatile and modern machine park that covers a wide range of needs with our customers. All lifts can be simulated in advance, and calculated down to the smallest detail.


We supply a wide range of mobile cranes, also with electric operation for green projects. Our cranes are from the most reputable manufacturers, Liebherr, Tadano and Terex!


We offer crews that cover most areas of expertise in crane and lifting operations. We place high demands on our employees in terms of professional skills and attitudes in the workplace. Multidisciplinary competence is valued at Kranproffen. This gives our customers flexible crews who are able to perform several types of work on a project.

Vårt mannskap


Crane operators

We hire skilled crane operators with certificates for both own and external assignments


crane operators with certificates in crane and lifting operations

We have our own crane operators with a certificate in crane and lifting operation. With a trade certificate, the crane operator gets the ability to adjust and improve in step with new technology and new work processes.



Operators are crews that are multidisciplinary. They have G1 or G2 at the bottom as a certificate and are used on larger rig operations. This can be from oil / gas to wind turbine production, or building and construction

offshore crane operator

We have special crews in the crane and lifting operation subject with G5 certification. They have experience from the offshore industry and know what the assignment requires.



The fitter performs assembly on the construction site. We have experienced fitters and prefab fitters for assembly of concrete, steel and solid wood

installer of tower cranes

We have special crews for mounting tower cranes. As a representative of UCO Kran and Liebherr in Vestland county, we have a wide machine park from 4 to 40 tons, as well as a competent crew to assemble tower cranes.


wind power technician

We supply crews who specialize in assembly and complicated crane and lifting operations in the wind industry




We have crews with a rigging certificate who assist during up and down rigging. They work quickly and efficiently, and are concerned that safety on the construction site is ensured during the rigging




We rent welders for assembly of steel buildings to the right quality that is expected to be achieved. The welders have both theoretical and practical experience of the process.



project managers

Our project managers have experience in long-term management of projects. They are responsible for leading lifting operations, planning, implementing and evaluating the project. They communicate and delegate tasks to the crew.



We have skilled chairmen with long experience, they are solution-oriented and cost-conscious in the projects they work on. We can deliver proactive and service-minded foremen who act as coordinators for the lifting operation.



We set strict requirements for our flagmen. They must be up to date on laws and regulations, as well as documented training. They review incidents related to the crane and lifting operation subject, and are a key person to improve safety on the construction site.


concrete skilled workers

We have skilled concrete workers for foundation, formwork and reinforcement. They are creative, innovative and environmentally conscious. They emphasize HSE and follow laws, regulations and standards required in the concrete subject.


We have extensive experience in assembly, and offer fitters and prefab fitters for assembly of concrete, steel and solid wood. All our fitters receive regular safety training on the construction site


In addition to lifting equipment for mobile cranes and tower cranes, we also rent out advanced lifting equipment for offshore and wind power.

We are a secure, strong and precise provider of logistics services. We analyze, calculate and coordinate the entire process!


At Kranproffen, we provide logistics services. We both coordinate, staff and carry out important freight assignments together with our flexible partners. With a competent crew in place, we ensure that the job is done smartly and efficiently.